Container car transport fleet provide highly reliable trucks Scania G440 and MAN with trailers SVAN. The cars are equipped with a hydraulic arm for loading of bulk waste from hard surfaces.

We have hook-type containers ABROLL in embodiments from 21 to 45 m3 with a height of sidewalls 150 and 240 cm, a length of 550-600 cm and a width of 235 cm and containers like AVIA a volume of 15 m3. Containers placed at manufacturing companies for regular progressive fulfillment and pick them up at the exchange. Of course it is also possible to make a one-time export of waste with its own loading.

In terms of rail transport the establishment is located on the main rail route Hradec Kralove - Jaroměř. The workplace has its own area of railway siding equipped weight on wagons exported the processed waste. The train is on the track connected to the railway station Předměřice nad Labem.

NAPOS, a.s., tel: (+420) 495 581 630, e-mail: napos@napos.eu